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The core problem identified in various state of the country is unemployment, This has led to so many young people getting themselves involved in crime, alcoholism, drug abuse and other forms of social vices As a result, people in various communities are living in fear of insecurity and violence.

Majority of the perpetrators of crime and violence in the area are youths. Among the key reasons for this is unemployment. Indeed, in a recent youth forum, the youth prioritized unemployment and drug abuse as the most pressing ,issues in the community. The youth start getting into these vices while still young. Cases of “children” as young as 13 years being involved in armed robbery,ritual killings, car-jacking have been reported.

Numerous causes of unemployment have been identified. They include, but not limited to:

  • Corruption
  • Lack of employment opportunities in the national economy
  • General household poverty • Discrimination against the youth
  • Diseases, such as HIV/AIDS • Drug abuse and addiction
  • Divorce,Domestic violence and neglect of parental responsibility
  • Lack of vocational skills and inadequate facilities for the same
  • Lack of and / or low education levels

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